chip noun

1 (usually chips) long thin piece of fried potato

ADJ. greasy | frozen, oven-ready

QUANT. bag, plate

VERB + CHIP eat, have All he'll eat is chips. | live on I never cook anything grand?we live on chips and baked beans. | cook, fry

CHIP + NOUN pan | shop

PHRASES and/with chips fish and chips > Special page at FOOD

2 microchip

ADJ. computer, silicon | graphics, memory, microprocessor

VERB + CHIP make, manufacture, produce | design, develop | use This computer uses the DX chip.

CHIP + VERB contain sth a chip containing the coding devices

CHIP + NOUN design, technology | set a Pentium-compatible chip set

PREP. on a/the ~ Advances in chip technology have made it possible to pack even more circuits on a chip. > Special page at COMPUTER