chill noun

1 coldness

ADJ. bitter, deep | cold, damp | slight | evening, morning, night | autumn/autumnal, winter

VERB + CHILL feel I could feel the chill as soon as I went outside. | take off I'll add some hot water to the milk to take the chill off it (= to make it slightly warmer).

CHILL + NOUN factor With the chill factor, it's nearly minus forty here.

PHRASES a chill in the air There's a slight chill in the air.

2 feeling of fear

ADJ. sudden | icy

VERB + CHILL feel She felt a sudden chill at the thought of the dangers he faced. | strike Her words struck a chill in his heart.

CHILL + VERB run down/up sb's spine, run through sb A chill ran through me at the thought.

PREP. ~ of a chill of fear

PHRASES send a chill through sb/down sb's spine The news sent a chill down her spine.

3 mild illness

ADJ. bad, nasty, severe | slight

VERB + CHILL catch, get I caught a nasty chill after my swim last week. > Special page at ILLNESS