cheek noun

1 part of the face

ADJ. flushed, hot | cool | smooth, soft | ashen, pale, pallid, pasty | blushing, pink, rosy, scarlet | sunken His red-rimmed eyes and sunken cheeks betrayed his lack of sleep. | hamster/hamster-like, plump | unshaven | tear-stained, wet Her cheeks were wet with tears.

VERB + CHEEK brush, dab (at), stroke, touch She dabbed at her cheeks with a handkerchief. | kiss, peck | give (sb), proffer She proffered her cheek to kiss.

CHEEK + VERB blaze, burn, flame, grow hot, redden He felt his cheeks burning with shame.

PREP. across sb's/the ~ She gave him a sharp slap across his cheek. | against sb's ~ She laid her cheek against his. | down sb's ~ A tear slid down her cheek. | in sb's ~s She had a healthy bloom in her cheeks. | on sb's/the ~ He kissed his mother on both cheeks and got on the train.

PHRASES bring the colour (back) to your cheeks, the colour floods/rises/rushes to your cheeks The colour flooded to his cheeks when he realized he was being watched. | a kiss/peck on the cheek She gave him a peck on the cheek and said goodbye.

2 lack of respect

ADJ. awful, bare-faced, colossal It's an awful cheek, the way he keeps asking you to lend him money. | bleeding (taboo), bloody (taboo), damned

VERB + CHEEK have He's got a cheek, making you wait outside his office.

PHRASES Of all the cheek!/What (a) cheek! He asked you for money? Of all the cheek!