check noun

1 close look to make sure sth is safe/correct

ADJ. complete, full, thorough | careful, close, rigorous, tight | cursory, quick | periodic, regular, routine | annual, daily, etc. | constant, continuous | random, spot In a series of spot checks, police searched buses crossing the border. | cross (also cross-check), double (also double-check) | independent | visual I did a quick visual check of the engine. | dental, fitness, health, medical | police, safety, security | identity | customs, immigration, passport | stock | quality | spell/spelling I do a spell check on all my emails. | sound The band wants to do a sound check before the concert.

VERB + CHECK carry out, conduct, do, give sth, have, make, run I'll just have a quick check to see if the letter's arrived. A thorough check is made before the luggage is put on the plane. We're running a police check on all applicants for the job. | keep, maintain Police are keeping a close check on the house. | go for I have to go for a dental check.

PREP. ~ on a routine check on the factory

2 control/restraint

ADJ. natural Leaving some fields fallow provided a natural check on insect populations.

VERB + CHECK act as, provide | hold sth in, keep sth in You need to keep your temper in check!

PREP. ~ on The law acts as a check on people's behaviour.