chart noun

1 diagram showing information

ADJ. bar, flow, pie | flip, wall Each classroom has a flip chart to write on. | organization, progress, weather

CHART + VERB give sth, show sth a bar chart showing how sales have increased

PREP. in a/the ~ the information given in the chart | on a/the ~ The percentage of school-leavers is shown on the chart.

2 detailed map of the sea/sky

ADJ. aviation, nautical, navigation

PREP. on a/the ~ The islands were not marked on their chart.

3 the charts: list of pop music records

ADJ. album, pop, singles

VERB + CHART enter, go into, hit Their single went straight into the charts at number one. His latest single hit the charts last week. | be top of, top The song topped the charts for three weeks.


PREP. in the ~ Is that song still in the charts?