charm noun

ADJ. considerable, great, immense a woman of considerable charm | easy, natural, quiet, real, special His natural charm and wit made him very popular. | personal | boyish, feminine | old-fashioned, old-world, period, traditional | rural, rustic The farmhouse had a certain rustic charm about it.

VERB + CHARM have, possess | keep, retain The village still retains a lot of its old-world charm. | turn on, use He can certainly turn on the charm when he wants to! I nagged him for a week and used all my feminine charm. | exude, ooze He oozes charm, but I wouldn't trust him. | be immune to, resist He was unable to resist her charms. | succumb to Many women had succumbed to his charms. | be lacking in, lack The dining room was dark and gloomy, and the food was similarly lacking in charm. | lose The idea of being a farmer had lost its charm for me by this time.