charge verb

1 ask sb to pay money

ADV. directly

VERB + CHARGE be entitled to, be free to, have a right to Firms are free to charge whatever they like for their services.

PREP. against Research and development expenditure is charged against profits in the year it is incurred. | at Stamp Duty will be charged at one per cent. | for We don't charge for delivery. | on The bank charges a commission on all foreign currency transactions. | to The cost is charged directly to the profit and loss account.

PHRASES charge sth to sb's account £50 will be charged to your account.

2 make an official accusation

ADV. formally | jointly The teenagers were jointly charged with attempted murder.

PREP. in connection with A man has been charged in connection with the attack. | with She has not yet been formally charged with the offence.

3 rush/attack

ADV. headlong | around/round, in, out The children were all charging around outside.

PREP. at I was worried that the animal might charge at us. | down I heard the sound of feet charging down the stairs. | into She charged into the room. | out of, through, towards The rhino charged headlong towards us. | up