channel noun

1 television/radio station

ADJ. radio, television/TV, video | cable, satellite, terrestrial | commercial, independent | movie, sports, etc.

VERB + CHANNEL change (to), switch (to/over to), tune (in) to I changed channels when the news came on.

CHANNEL + VERB broadcast This channel broadcasts 24 hours a day.

PREP. on a/the ~ There's an interesting documentary on Channel 4 tonight.

2 route for sending information

ADJ. direct, indirect Journalists always have indirect channels for getting information. | formal, official She first tried to get a doctor's certificate through official channels. | informal | appropriate, conventional, normal, proper, right, usual | effective an effective channel for communication | diplomatic | communication, distribution worldwide distribution channels

VERB + CHANNEL go through, use If you want a visa, you will have to go through the proper channels. | establish, open (up) attempts to open up new channels of communication

PREP. through a/the ~ The government hopes to settle the dispute through diplomatic channels.

PHRASES a channel of communication, channels of distribution

3 narrow area of water

ADJ. deep | narrow | drainage, irrigation Irrigation channels supply the crops with water. | river, water The estate has fountains and water channels. | shipping