change noun

1 becoming/making sb/sth different

ADJ. big, considerable, dramatic, drastic, enormous, extensive, far-reaching, fundamental, important, major, marked, massive, momentous, profound, radical, revolutionary, sea, significant, substantial, sweeping, wholesale Television has undergone a sea change in the last two years. | complete | irreversible | systematic | cosmetic, marginal, minimal, minor, slight, small, subtle | long-term, short-term | abrupt, rapid, sudden | gradual | seasonal | net, overall net change in incomes | global | qualitative, quantitative | beneficial, desirable, effective, exciting, nice, pleasant, refreshing, welcome | unwelcome | unanticipated, unexpected, unforeseen | climate, constitutional, cultural, demographic, economic, environmental, legislative, organizational, political, population, social, structural, technological | culture, gear, name, policy, rule, sex the need for a culture change within the industry He made a rapid gear change as he approached the bend.

VERB + CHANGE make I made a couple of minor changes to my opening paragraph. It made a pleasant change not having to work. | bring about, cause, effect, force, produce How far does war bring about social change? | introduce We are going to introduce a few changes to the system. | undergo | show He needs to show a change in attitude if he is to succeed. | reflect Courses offered in schools reflect changes in the job market. | adapt to Businesses have to adapt to change. | call for, demand He called for a change of mood in Scottish politics. | oppose, resist We resist change because of fear of the unknown. | prevent | be subject to Train times are subject to change without notice.

CHANGE + VERB occur, take place Major economic changes have occurred recently.

PREP. for a ~ I usually take the bus to town, but today I cycled for a change. | ~ from, ~ in The last few years have seen a change in attitudes to single parents. | ~ of a change of government | ~ to the change from the old to the new system

PHRASES a change for the better/worse I reckon we've all made a big change for the better. | a change of clothes (= an extra set of clothes to change into) Take a change of clothes in case you get dirty. | a change of heart/mind He said he's not coming, but he might have a change of heart. | a change of scene I needed a change of scene after being in the job for so long. | a climate of change In the current climate of change, adaptability is vital. | the pace/rate of change A successful company must keep up with the pace of technological change. | a period of change The eighties were a period of great change in publishing. | the tide of change The president realized he could not hold back the tide of change, and resigned.

2 coins/notes of low value

ADJ. loose, small He emptied his pockets of loose change.

PREP. in ~ I've got about 25 dollars in change. | ~ for Ask the cashier if she has change for a £20 note.

3 money you get back if you pay too much

VERB + CHANGE check, count | give This machine does not give change. | get | take | keep I told the taxi driver to keep the change.

PREP. ~ from/out of The meal left me with not much change from £100.