caution noun

1 great care

ADJ. considerable, extreme, great, utmost The utmost caution must be exercised when handling explosives. | excessive | due We proceeded with due caution.

VERB + CAUTION exercise | advise, counsel, urge We urge caution in the use of this medication.

PREP. with ~ The information should be treated with some caution.

PHRASES err on the side of caution (= to be too cautious), the need for caution I must stress the need for caution. | sound a note of caution The minister sounded a note of caution about the economy. | cast/throw caution to the wind/winds (= to start taking risks), a word of caution I would just like to add a word of caution.

2 spoken warning given by a judge/policeman

ADJ. formal He received a formal caution.

VERB + CAUTION get off with, receive | give sb, issue, let sb off with They let her off with a caution.