cattle noun

ADJ. beef, dairy | horned | highland, hill, upland | lowland | indigenous, native | wild

QUANT. head 5,000 head of cattle died of the disease in one month. | herd

VERB + CATTLE keep, rear | breed | tend | graze Villagers traditionally have the right to graze their cattle on the common land. | drive, herd, round up Farmers drove cattle along major roads as a protest against high taxes. | slaughter | raid, rustle, steal | domesticate Cattle were first domesticated in Neolithic times.

CATTLE + VERB browse, graze cattle grazing in the fields | low | stray, wander Cattle that stray onto the electric railway line are killed instantly.

CATTLE + NOUN auction, market | breeding, ranching, rearing | breeder, dealer, farmer | farm, ranch | feed, food | grid There was a cattle grid across the road to stop the cows escaping. | prod Electric cattle prods were used against the demonstrators. | truck

PHRASES a breed of cattle