catch noun

1 act of catching sth

ADJ. brilliant, clean, easy, fine, good, nice

VERB + CATCH take Roger took some brilliant catches at today's match. | drop, miss

2 number of fish that sb has caught

ADJ. big, bumper, good, huge, large, record Fishermen have been landing record catches this season. | poor

VERB + CATCH land, make

CATCH + VERB decline, fall Catches fell because of the new dam. | go up, increase

PREP. ~ of a bumper catch of tuna

PHRASES the day's catch a restaurant where you can sample the day's catch

3 device for fastening sth

ADJ. door, window | safety the safety catch on a gun

VERB + CATCH slip (off), undo, unfasten, unlock Fran slipped the catch on the door, then turned to say goodbye. | close