cat noun

ADJ. domestic, family, household, pet | big She went to Africa to photograph big cats. | feral, wild | alley, stray | pedigree | long-haired, short-haired | black, tabby, tortoiseshell, etc. | tom (also tomcat) | playful | sleek | Cheshire He was grinning like a Cheshire cat. | fat (figurative) the fat cats of big business

VERB + CAT have, keep, own We have a pet cat called Archie. | feed | stroke | neuter, spay They didn't want kittens, so they had their cat spayed. | worm The stray cats are wormed and treated with flea powder. | put down The cat was in constant pain so they had it put down.

CAT + VERB hiss, mew, miaow, purr, spit, yowl The cat miaowed pitifully. There was a cat yowling outside my window last night. | bite (sb), scratch (sb) | creep, pad, (be on the) prowl, slink A cat padded silently past. The cat slunk away into the darkness. | arch its back | cower, crouch | curl up | catch sth, hunt (sth), stalk sth | leap, pounce (on sth), spring | spray (sth) Cats mark their territory by spraying.

CAT + NOUN door, flap | food | litter | lover, owner | phobia | nap (also catnap) A catnap at lunchtime can make you feel refreshed.

PHRASES fight like cat and dog In our childhood Irina and I fought like cat and dog. | play (a game of) cat and mouse Young car thieves enjoy playing cat and mouse with the police.