cash noun

1 money in the form of coins or notes

ADJ. hard, ready The drugs are sold for hard cash. | petty

VERB + CASH pay (in) We'll have to pay cash for the tickets. | hold The bank should hold enough cash to satisfy customer demand. | convert/turn sth into

CASH + NOUN desk, register | dispenser, machine | balance | book

PREP. in ~ The thieves stole £200 in cash. You can pay by cheque or in cash.

PHRASES cash in hand (= if you pay for goods and services cash in hand, you pay in cash, especially so that the person being paid can avoid paying tax on the amount), cash on delivery (= a system of paying for goods when they are delivered)

2 money in any form

ADJ. ready, spare | hard-earned Imagine having to pay some of my hard-earned cash on a parking fine!

VERB + CASH generate, raise They had a football match to raise cash for the hospital. | be short of, be strapped for, run out of

CASH + NOUN holdings, reserves, resources | flow The company is having cash flow problems. | inflow, injection | outflow | deposit, payment, settlement | benefits, offer, prize | management | limit | market | crisis | crop farmers who grow cash crops for export | economy | cow (= the part of a business that always makes a profit) > Special page at BUSINESS