card noun

1 giving information

ADJ. business, calling, visiting | appointment, invitation | identity, membership | index, record, report | flash (also flashcard) | swipe | smart

PREP. on a/the ~ She wrote the main points of her speech on index cards.

2 used to pay/get money

ADJ. plastic He had a wallet full of plastic cards. | cash, charge, cheque (guarantee), credit, debit | phone | ration

VERB + CARD pay by, put sth on, use She paid for her holiday by credit card. I'll put the meal on my card. | accept, take The restaurant accepts all major credit cards. | issue (sb with) The bank hasn't issued me with a cheque card yet.

CARD + NOUN number | holder | fraud

3 greetings card

ADJ. greeting/greetings | birthday, Christmas, get-well, sympathy

VERB + CARD give sb, send sb | sign, write Everyone at work signed a card for her. | get, receive

4 used for a game

ADJ. playing | winning | court, picture | trump (figurative) This defender's ability to score vital goals has often proved a trump card. | wild

QUANT. deck, pack

VERB + CARD cut, deal, shuffle | pick ‘Pick a card,’ said the conjurer. | hold (often figurative) The kidnappers hold all the cards (= are in control of the situation).

CARD + NOUN game, player, table 5 cards game

QUANT. game

VERB + CARD play We play cards every Friday night. | lose/win at He always wins at cards.

CARD + NOUN game > Note at CARD