car noun

ADJ. fast | new | second-hand, used a used car salesman | veteran, vintage | private The government wants more people to use public transport instead of private cars. | diesel, electric, motor, petrol | estate, hatchback, saloon, sports | armoured, Panda, patrol, police, squad, unmarked Police in an unmarked car had been following the stolen vehicle for several minutes. | racing, rally, stock | company, hire | getaway The robbers abandoned their getaway car in Sealand Road. | parked There was a line of parked cars in front of the building.

VERB + CAR go/travel by | drive | have, own, run It's very expensive to run a car these days. | take It's too far to walk. I'll take the car. | get in/into, pile into He got in the car and they drove off. The kids all piled into the car. | get out of | get out You lock up the house and I'll get the car out. | stop | back, reverse | overtake, pass | lose control of I lost control of the car and it spun off the road. | leave, park | abandon, dump | build, make, manufacture, produce | repair, service, work on | take in I've got to take the car in for service. | wash | hire | break into, steal

CAR + VERB start Despite the cold, the car started first time. | run on sth cars that run on diesel | do sth The car does 55 miles per gallon. The car was doing over 100 miles an hour. | pull out, turn out What cheek! That car pulled out right in front of me! | drive off, pull away | overtake sb/sth, pass sb/sth | accelerate | slow down | come to a halt, draw up, pull up, stop | skid, spin Her car skidded on a patch of ice. | break down, stall | collide with sth, crash, hit sth, leave the road His car hit a van coming in the opposite direction.

CAR + NOUN boot, door, engine, horn, key, phone, tyre, window a car boot sale (= an outdoor sale where people sell things from the backs of their cars) | park, parking There's not enough car parking in the town centre. | driver | dealer, salesman, showroom | accident, crash | wash | tax | ferry

PREP. by ~ They take the children to school by car. | in a/the ~ I'll wait for you in the car.

PHRASES cars on the roads The number of cars on the roads is increasing all the time. | a make/model of car