capacity noun

1 amount held/produced

ADJ. high, large a high capacity electric pump large capacity disk drives | limited, small | maximum, total a total capacity of 50 litres | excess, spare spare capacity in the health service | economic, productive | earning The qualification should increase my earning capacity. | carrying, nuclear, seating, storage | engine, lung

VERB + CAPACITY have | be filled/packed to The theatre was filled to capacity (= was full) for every performance. | expand, increase | reduce

CAPACITY + NOUN audience, crowd

PHRASES operate/work at full capacity (= to produce the maximum amount possible)

2 ability

ADJ. amazing, enormous, great, remarkable | limited | innate, natural Children have an innate capacity to understand language. | intellectual, mental | human the human capacity for compassion

VERB + CAPACITY have | lose She seems to have lost the capacity to enjoy herself. | increase | reduce, restrict

PREP. beyond your ~ This maths is beyond the capacity of most school children. | within your ~ The mountain walk is well within the capacity of most fit people. | ~ for her amazing capacity for organization

3 official position

ADJ. official | personal, private, unofficial, voluntary | professional | acting, caretaker | advisory | judicial

VERB + CAPACITY act in, work in I have worked in an advisory capacity with many hospitals.

PREP. in your ~ In my capacity as president, I would like to thank Jack for his hard work.