campaign noun

ADJ. big, huge, major, massive | lengthy, long, long-running, sustained | brief | effective, successful | unsuccessful | determined, intensive, strong, vigorous | bitter, fierce, vicious | concerted, orchestrated a carefully orchestrated campaign against striking workers | joint | official, public | local, international, national, nationwide, worldwide | one-man/one-woman, personal She has fought a one-woman campaign for ten years about the lack of childcare provision in the town. | election, electoral, leadership, political, presidential, re-election, referendum | advertising, marketing, promotional, sales | propaganda, publicity, public relations | media, poster, press, television/TV | anti-corruption, anti-drug, anti-smoking, etc. | protest | awareness a health awareness campaign to promote a healthy lifestyle | lobbying | fund-raising | literacy | recruitment | air, bombing, guerrilla, military the terrorists' bombing campaign | hate, terror/terrorist | dirty tricks, smear, whispering Her political opponenta ran a whispering campaign against her.

VERB + CAMPAIGN launch, mount, start The company launched a huge advertising campaign. | conduct, fight, organize, run, wage People have criticized the way in which she conducted her election campaign. | lead, manage, spearhead She led a successful campaign against the closure of the library. | take part in | intensify, step up The government has intensified the military campaign against the rebels.

CAMPAIGN + VERB begin, get underway, start The general election campaign gets underway today. | be aimed at sb/sth a concerted campaign aimed at educating young people about the dangers of drugs | aim to The campaign aims to inform the public of the dangers of this disease. | call for sth, demand sth | fail to The campaign failed to achieve its objectives.

CAMPAIGN + NOUN manager, team | strategy | issue Education has become an important campaign issue. | trail election candidates on the campaign trail (= travelling around the country campaigning)

PREP. during a/the ~ They met regularly during the campaign. | ~ against a fierce campaign against hunting | ~ by the political campaign by the Labour Party | ~ for the campaign for racial equality

PHRASES a plan of campaign After sliding in the opinion polls, the party had to rethink its plan of campaign.