camp noun

1 in tents/huts

ADJ. makeshift, temporary | holiday, summer | base The mountaineers set up their base camp at the foot of the mountain. | transit | gypsy, travellers' | army, military | training

VERB + CAMP make, pitch, set up We pitched camp just outside the woods. | break, strike We broke camp early the next morning. | leave

CAMP + NOUN fire (also campfire) sitting round the campfire | site (also campsite)

PREP. at a/the ~ The children are spending a week at a summer camp.

2 prison, etc.

ADJ. concentration, detention, internment, labour, prison, prisoner-of-war | death, extermination | refugee the appalling conditions in the refugee camps

PREP. in a/the ~ She spent five years in a labour camp.

3 group with shared beliefs

ADJ. hostile, opposing, rebel, rival | ideological, political | armed The region split into two armed camps.

VERB + CAMP switch a politician who switches camp when it suits him | divide into, split into

PREP. in a/the ~ people in both main political camps

PHRASES have a foot in both camps (= show loyalty to two different groups) He can unite the party because he has a foot in both camps.