calm adj.

1 not worried or angry

VERBS appear, be, feel, look, seem, sound I may have appeared calm but I certainly didn't feel it. | become | keep, remain, stay Sit down and keep calm! The pilot urged the passengers to remain calm. | keep sb Keep the patient calm.

ADV. extremely, remarkably, very You seem remarkably calm. | completely, perfectly, utterly Her voice was firm and perfectly calm. | fairly, pretty, quite | apparently, outwardly | curiously, strangely The pain had receded and he felt curiously calm. | reassuringly The voice sounded reassuringly calm.

PREP. about She seemed pretty calm about it.

PHRASES cool, calm and collected He remained at all times cool, calm and collected.

2 not rough or stormy

VERBS be, look | become

ADV. absolutely, dead, flat, perfectly The sea was dead calm. flat calm conditions | fairly, quite, relatively