cabinet noun

1 (usually Cabinet) in government

ADJ. full There was a meeting of the full Cabinet this afternoon. | inner The inner Cabinet is to meet again today. | shadow (= the most important members of the opposition party) | war

VERB + CABINET appoint, choose, form | enlarge, expand | reshuffle The prime minister reshuffled (= changed) his Cabinet yesterday. | enter, join | leave, quit | consult | force The defeat in the vote forced the Cabinet to change its policy on immigration. | persuade, urge

CABINET + VERB meet | discuss sth

CABINET + NOUN member, minister | meeting | reshuffle The affair led to a mid-term Cabinet reshuffle (= when the prime minister/president changes some of the people in the Cabinet).

2 cupboard

ADJ. glass/glass-fronted | bathroom, bedside, kitchen | medicine | china, display, trophy a glass-fronted china cabinet | cocktail, drinks | filing | storage

PREP. in a/the ~ Past reports are kept in the filing cabinet in my office.