cab noun

ADJ. black, yellow London black cab drivers | taxi | hackney, hansom | horse-drawn

VERB + CAB go by, take Let's take a cab. | call (sb), get (sb), order (sb), phone for I'll call you a cab. | find We couldn't find a cab anywhere near. | catch, hail I tried to hail a cab but none of them would stop. | get into/out of | drive | pay for/off | share We decided to share a cab.

CAB + VERB draw up, pull up The cab pulled up and they got out. | pick sb up, take sb I ordered a cab to take him home.

CAB + NOUN driver | rank | fare | ride

PREP. by ~ I came by cab. | in a/the ~ The driver was sitting in his cab.

PHRASES the back of a cab I left my umbrella in the back of the cab.