button noun

1 for fastening clothes

ADJ. bottom, top The top button of his shirt was undone. | coat, shirt, etc.

VERB + BUTTON do up, fasten | undo, unfasten | fumble with | lose My coat has lost a button. | rip off | sew on

BUTTON + VERB be missing, come off, pop (off) There was a button missing from his shirt. > Special page at CLOTHES

2 small switch

ADJ. on, start/starter | off, stop | control | fast forward, pause, play, rewind | alarm, panic She hit the alarm button as fast as she could. | mouse | self-destruct (often figurative)

VERB + BUTTON click (on) (computing), depress, hit, hold down, press, push Click the left mouse button twice. | keep your finger on | release, take your finger off

PHRASES at the touch of a button The remote control allows you to change channel at the touch of a button. > Special page at COMPUTER