bulb noun

1 (also light bulb) part of an electric lamp

ADJ. electric | bare, naked, unshaded | 100-watt, 60-watt, etc. | bright, dim | bayonet-cap, ES | energy-efficient, energy-saving, long-life, low-energy | fluorescent | halogen | clear, coloured, pearl | flash My camera needs a new flash bulb.

VERB + BULB change, replace Switch the light off before you change the bulb. | put in | remove, take out Can you take out the clear bulb and put a pearl one in? | switch on | take The fitting in the kitchen takes a fluorescent bulb.

BULB + VERB light sth The room was lit only by a single 40-watt light bulb. | fail, go I think the bulb over the sink is going to go. It's been flickering all evening. | flicker | flash, go off Coloured bulbs flashed on and off around the sign. There was a startled look on his face when the flash bulb went off. | dangle, hang A single electric light bulb dangled from the ceiling. | last These low-energy bulbs last much longer than the ordinary ones.

PHRASES by the light of a … bulb They sat reading by the light of a 40-watt bulb. | the glow of a light bulb

2 round plant root

ADJ. autumn, spring, spring-flowering, summer, summer-flowering | daffodil, hyacinth, tulip, etc. | garden, indoor | dwarf

VERB + BULB place, plant, put in I'm putting in some bulbs for next year. Place the bulbs close together. | dig up, take up, uproot | grow | water She usually waters the indoor bulbs once a week. | force, treat These daffodils flower so early because the bulbs have been forced.

BULB + VERB grow | flower | be over, go over The bulbs were over. All that remained of them were clumps of brown leaves. | increase Over the years the bulbs gradually increase. | sprout | shrivel Get the bulbs into the ground, or they will begin to shrivel.