budget noun

ADJ. fixed, limited, low, shoestring, small, tight | generous, large | annual, monthly, weekly, yearly | family, personal | federal, government, municipal, national, state | defence, education, health, housing, military, social security, (social) welfare | advertising, marketing, training | draft

VERB + BUDGET get, have The organization has a large annual budget. | allocate, draw up, plan, set The council has to draw up its budget for next year. | present, propose, submit | approve | balance The school has a struggle to balance its budget. | adhere to, keep to, stick to Work out a weekly budget and stick to it. | exceed, go over, overspend | cut, reduce, slash | increase

BUDGET + NOUN expenditure | deficit, surplus | constraint, limit | cuts | plans, proposals | allocation | Budget Day (= when the government announces its budget)

PREP. in the ~ Is there any money left in the budget? | below/under ~ Costs have been held below budget. | on (a) ~ All his projects are on time and on budget. This hotel caters for people travelling on a tight budget. | over ~ The project is now well over budget. | within ~ to keep within budget | ~ for The budget for next year has not yet been set. | ~ of a budget of $5,000