breakdown noun

1 mechanical failure

ADJ. electrical, mechanical


BREAKDOWN + NOUN organization, service The national breakdown organizations are on hand to help motorists 24 hours a day. | crane, lorry, vehicle

2 failure/end of sth

ADJ. serious | complete, irretrievable The only ground for divorce is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. | communication, family, marital, marriage, relationship

VERB + BREAKDOWN cause, lead to

PREP. ~ in/of a breakdown in negotiations

3 collapse of mental health

ADJ. emotional, mental, nervous, psychological

VERB + BREAKDOWN have, suffer

4 list of the details of sth

ADJ. detailed, full | cost

VERB + BREAKDOWN prepare I have prepared a detailed cost breakdown for the project. | give sb, provide (sb with)

PREP. ~ by, ~ of Please provide us with a breakdown of expenditure by department.