break noun

1 short rest/holiday

ADJ. short | coffee, lunch, tea | Christmas, Easter Are you going away for the Easter break?

VERB + BREAK have, take We'll take a break now and resume in half an hour. | need


PREP. at ~ I'll see you at break. | during (a/the) ~ I had a word with John during the break. | without a ~ We worked all day without a break. | ~ for a break for lunch | ~ from a break from looking after the children

2 change/interruption in sth

ADJ. clean, complete | career | commercial

VERB + BREAK make His new work makes a break with the past. I wanted to leave but was nervous about making the break.

PREP. ~ from a break from tradition | ~ in a break in the weather | ~ with

3 opportunity

ADJ. big, lucky

VERB + BREAK get I always knew I would get my lucky break one day. | give sb He's the director who gave her her first big break.