bread noun

ADJ. fresh | hard, mouldy, soggy, stale This bread is going stale. | crusty some nice crusty white bread | sliced | unleavened | home-baked, home-made | fried | garlic | black, brown, granary, naan, pitta, rye, soda, white, wholemeal | French, Italian, etc.

QUANT. loaf | chunk, crumb, crust, hunk, morsel, piece, slice She tore off a large hunk of bread.

VERB + BREAD bake, make the smell of freshly-baked bread | cut, slice | butter, put sth on, spread bread thickly spread with plum jam | toast

BREAD + NOUN dough | pudding, roll, sauce | bin, knife

PREP. on the ~ What would you like on your bread?

PHRASES bread and butter/margarine a plate of bread and butter | bread and cheese/jam, bread and water He had to live on bread and water for two weeks. | bread and wine (= the food given to Christians during the Communion service) People started going up to receive the bread and wine. > Special page at FOOD