brake noun

ADJ. defective, faulty | front, rear | foot, hand | air, anti-lock, disc, drum, vacuum

VERB + BRAKE apply, hit, jam on, put/slam your foot on, put on, slam on She slammed on the brakes to try to avoid the dog. | keep your foot on | let off, release, take your foot off He released the brake and sped off.

BRAKE + VERB work My brakes are not working properly. | fail The car crashed after its brakes failed. | screech, squeal | be on/off Is the brake on?

BRAKE + NOUN failure | cable, fluid, lights, pads, pedal, pipes

PHRASES act/serve as a brake on sth (figurative), put a brake/the brakes on sth (figurative) The need to earn some money put the brakes on my wilder ambitions. | a screech/squeal of brakes We heard the screech of brakes, followed by a loud crash.