box noun

1 container

ADJ. oblong, rectangular, square | upturned They were sitting round the fire on upturned boxes. | cardboard | storage | chocolate, cigar, egg | jewel/jewellery, shoe, tool (also toolbox) | cassette, CD, video | gift | lunch, sandwich | first-aid | (safe/safety) deposit, security There is a safety deposit box in every room of the hotel. | cash, money The cash box was kept in the safe at the back of the shop. She opened her money box to see if she had saved enough for a tennis racket. | collection, donation The exhibition is free, but there is a collection box for donations.

QUANT. pile, stack

VERB + BOX fill, pack She filled the box with old clothes. | pack sth in/into, put sth in/into, put sth away in, store sth in We packed all the books into boxes. | remove sth from, take sth out of | empty, unpack | open | close, shut | lock

BOX + VERB contain sth, be filled with/full of sth, hold sth This box holds ten candles and costs £21. | be labelled sth, be marked sth a box marked ‘fragile’ | be covered in/with sth, be lined with sth The dog sleeps in a box lined with an old blanket.

PREP. in/into a/the ~, inside a/the ~, out of a/the ~ | ~ of a box of chocolates

PHRASES the lid of a box

2 enclosed area

ADJ. soundproof | call, phone, telephone | jury, witness | commentary, press There was a babble of languages in the commentary box when the race began. | director's, executive, hospitality They drank champagne as they watched the match from the executive box. | private, Royal a private box at the theatre | signal | horse (also horsebox) The car in front was pulling a horsebox.

PREP. in/into a/the ~

3 square on a form/screen

ADJ. appropriate, relevant Tick the relevant box below. | dialog/dialogue Click on ‘open file’ in the dialogue box. | question

VERB + BOX fill in, put sth in, tick, write (sth) in Put a cross in the box if you agree with the comments.

PREP. in/into a/the ~