bow1 /baq/ noun

1 act of bowing

ADJ. deep, low | little, slight | formal, stiff

VERB + BOW give, make He gave a formal bow and left the room. | take (= used about a performer) The song ended and Albert took a bow. (figurative) The team's chairman takes his final bow at this match (= is retiring after this match).

PREP. ~ to He made a deep bow to the king.

2 front part of a ship

ADJ. port, starboard There's a small boat on the port bow.

VERB + BOW cross A huge whale crossed our bows.

PREP. across the ~ They fired a shot across our bows. | in the ~ We left two men in the bows to receive the cargo. | off the ~ 100 yards off our bows | on the ~ The ship's name was printed on her bow. | over the ~ There were huge waves breaking over the bows.