boundary noun

1 line that marks the limits of a place

ADJ. common | northern, southern, etc. | national, state | district, parish

VERB + BOUNDARY have | form, mark The river forms the boundary. | share | draw, establish, fix, set The boundary was fixed just south of the farm. | redraw | cross We've just crossed the boundary into Sussex. | extend

BOUNDARY + NOUN fence, hedge, line, wall | dispute a boundary dispute with their neighbours

PREP. across/over the ~ They drove across the boundary. | along the ~ We continued along the southern boundary of the county. | at/on the ~ We had to stop at the boundary. on the boundary of the two countries | beyond the ~ She had never strayed beyond the city boundaries. | within the ~s within the boundaries of the old city walls | ~ between the boundary between Sussex and Surrey | ~ with The state has a boundary with Ontario.

2 limit

ADJ. traditional

VERB + BOUNDARY cross This job crosses the traditional boundary between social work and health care. | extend, push back research which extends the boundaries of human knowledge | overstep

PREP. across ~s His policies appeal across party political boundaries. | beyond the ~s going beyond the boundaries of accepted behaviour | on the ~ on the boundary of physics and chemistry | within the ~s keeping within the boundaries of the law | ~ between the boundary between sanity and insanity

PHRASES the boundaries of taste In her performance she had clearly overstepped the boundaries of good taste.