bound adj.

1 bound to do sth certain to do sth

VERBS be, seem

ADV. almost These problems were almost bound to arise.

2 bound (to do sth): obliged to do sth

VERBS be, feel | become | remain | hold sb The president said the country could not be held bound by a treaty signed by the previous regime.

ADJ. absolutely | irrevocably | by law, contractually, legally Officials are bound by law to investigate any possible fraud. He was legally bound to report them to the authorities. | (in) honour, in duty (also duty-bound), morally I felt in duty bound to report the incident.

PREP. by We are legally bound by this decision.

3 travelling in a particular direction


ADV. homeward, outward

PREP. for tourists who are bound for Europe

4 bound up: closely connected

VERBS be | become

ADV. closely, intimately | inevitably, inextricably | intrinsically | together A person's name and their sense of their own identity are often closely bound up together.

PREP. with From that moment my life became inextricably bound up with hers.