border noun

1 line that divides two countries

ADJ. open | closed | common Poland has a common border with Germany. | disputed

VERB + BORDER arrive at, reach, stop at | cross, drive across/over, slip across/over They slipped across the border at nightfall. | escape across/over, flee across/over | form, mark A river forms the border. | draw (up), establish, fix | guard, patrol | open | close, seal

BORDER + NOUN crossing, post | region, town | control, guard, troops | clash, dispute, war | raid | clash, incident, skirmish

PREP. across/over a/the ~ to smuggle goods across the border | along a/the ~ There has been fighting along the border. | at/on a/the ~ We were stopped on the border. | on the ~ of a farm on the border of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire | up to the ~ He drove us right up to the Russian border. | ~ between/of the border between Austria and Switzerland | ~ with the border with Mexico

PHRASES north/south of the border, one side/both sides of the border There has been fighting on both sides of the border.

2 decorative band/strip round the edge of sth

ADJ. wide | narrow | decorative

VERB + BORDER have The tablecloth has a narrow lace border. | draw

PREP. with a/the ~ a white handkerchief with a blue border | ~ around/round She drew a decorative border around the picture.