bonus noun

1 money added to wages, etc.

ADJ. big, huge, large | extra, special | cash | annual, Christmas All employees get an annual bonus before the summer holidays. | loyalty, performance, productivity | no claim(s) (= a bonus for not claiming on your car insurance)

VERB + BONUS award (sb), give sb, pay sb | earn, get, receive You will receive a bonus for high levels of productivity. | lose If you don't meet our targets, you'll lose your bonus.

BONUS + NOUN payment, scheme All workers participate in the bonus scheme.

PREP. ~ of He was awarded a cash bonus of £200.

2 sth extra that is good

ADJ. great, huge, major, real | added, extra The house is very comfortable, and as an added bonus, it's near to buses and trains. | unexpected | welcome

PREP. ~ for The sunshine on the final day was a welcome bonus for the spectators.