bomb noun

ADJ. big, huge, large, massive | small | cluster, fire, high explosive, incendiary, mortar, nail, petrol, smoke | atom/atomic, hydrogen, neutron, nuclear | bouncing, flying | terrorist | home-made | unexploded | stray Their truck was hit by a stray bomb. | dummy, fake a practice flight with dummy bombs | car | letter, parcel | time (figurative) He described global warming as ‘an environmental time bomb ticking away’.

VERB + BOMB place, plant, put Police suspect terrorists planted the bomb. | carry The plane had been adapted to carry bombs. | drop, release Enemy planes dropped bombs along the railway line. | defuse | detonate, explode, set off | build, construct, develop (These verbs are only used about countries.) India started to build a nuclear bomb. | make He used a clock to make a home-made bomb.

BOMB + VERB fall, rain (down) Eighty people died when bombs rained down on the city's crowded streets. | hit sth | detonate, explode, go off | blow sb/sth to pieces, blow sth up, destroy sth, kill sb, rip through sth Fifteen people were blown to pieces by the car bomb. A terrorist bomb ripped through the town's packed shopping centre. | be ticking away

BOMB + NOUN attack, blast, explosion | alert, scare, threat, warning | hoax | disposal, squad | shelter | crater The land was scarred with bomb craters. | damage | site | victim | suspect | test the fallout from atomic bomb tests