body noun

1 whole physical form of a person/an animal

ADJ. whole Her whole body trembled. | upper | lower | healthy | human

BODY + NOUN heat, temperature | shape, size, weight to maintain your ideal body weight | fat | odour | language

PREP. in the/your ~ Extreme heat may cause changes in the body. | on the/your ~ She still had the marks from the ropes on her body.

PHRASES part of the body, sell your body (= to work as a prostitute)

2 dead human body

ADJ. dead | decomposed, decomposing | bloated

VERB + BODY examine | bury, cremate, embalm | exhume

PREP. on a/the ~ A diary was found on the body.

3 amount of sth

ADJ. large, substantial, vast a large body of evidence

PHRASES a body of water The two islands are separated by a large body of water.

4 main part of sth

ADJ. main The bar is in the main body of the hotel.

5 group of people who work/act together

ADJ. advisory, corporate, executive, governing, legislative, professional, statutory | national, public | government, student | independent | voluntary | elected | politic (always after body) Freedom of speech is necessary for the health of the body politic.

VERB + BODY create, establish, form, set up | elect

PREP. in a ~ The students marched in a body to the government offices. > Note at ORGANIZATION

6 object

ADJ. foreign They removed a foreign body from her eye. | celestial, heavenly Stars are celestial bodies.