board noun

1 flat piece of wood, plastic, etc.

ADJ. chess, dart, drawing, emery, ironing, notice, running, skirting, sounding

PREP. on a/the ~ There's a notice on the board.

2 group of people who control an organization

ADJ. advisory, editorial, executive, management | health, school, etc.

VERB + BOARD be on, serve on, sit on He sits on the company's management board. | join | appoint sb to | resign from | go to The project will go to the board for consideration. | put sth to, submit sth to, take sth to She put her ideas to the board.

BOARD + NOUN member | meeting

PREP. ~ of the company's board of directors

PHRASES at board level The issue has been discussed at board level. | chairman of the board, a member of the board, a seat on the board She was promoted and offered a seat on the board.

3 meals that are provided when you stay in a hotel

ADJ. full | half

PHRASES board and lodging