blood noun

ADJ. cold, warm animals with warm blood | clotted, congealed, dried | arterial, venous | menstrual | contaminated | aristocratic, noble, royal I doubt if I have a single drop of aristocratic blood in my veins. | Mediterranean, Spanish, etc.

QUANT. drop, pool, trickle The body lay in a pool of blood. A thin trickle of blood ran down from a cut above her eye. | spots, traces He worked to remove all traces of blood.

VERB + BLOOD lose She'd lost a lot of blood and doctors decided to do a transfusion. | shed, spill (literary) He was a hot-headed warrior, always too quick to shed blood. | donate, give The hospital appealed for more people to give blood (= for blood transfusions). | pump The heart pumps blood around the body. | choke on He choked on his own blood after being shot in the throat. | smear There was blood smeared down his shirt.

BLOOD + VERB dribble, drip, flow, gush, ooze, run, seep, splash, spurt, stream, trickle, well (up) Blood oozed slowly from the corner of his mouth. | spread The blood spread rapidly from where he lay. | spatter, splatter Blood spattered the seats of the vehicle. | soak (into) sth | cake sth, stain sth Dried blood caked his hands. | clot, coagulate | circulate He rubbed his limbs vigorously to get the blood circulating. | course, rush, surge I felt the blood coursing in my veins as I ran. The blood rushed to her face as she realized her error. | drum, hammer, pound, pulse, thud, thunder The blood drummed in her ears. | drain The blood drained from his face when I told him the news. | freeze, run/turn cold, turn to ice (figurative) Our blood ran cold at the thought of how easily we could have been killed.

BLOOD + NOUN cell | group, type What blood group are you? | sample, test | loss | donation, donor | bank | circulation, flow, supply | pressure | clot, coagulation | cancer, disease, disorder, poisoning | cholesterol, fats, glucose, sugar

PREP. in ~ His shirt was soaked in blood. | in sb's/the ~ Traces of an illegal substance were found in his blood. | ~ from My handkerchief was soaked in blood from my nose.

PHRASES caked in/with blood The dog's fur was caked in blood when we found him. | covered in/with blood He was lying on the floor, covered in blood. | in cold blood He shot them in cold blood (= in a way that was planned and deliberately cruel).