blessing noun

1 thing that brings happiness/improves your life

ADJ. great, real | mixed (= a thing that has advantages and disadvantages)

PREP. ~ for A TV can be a real blessing for old people.

PHRASES a blessing in disguise (= a thing that seems unfortunate, but is later seen to be fortunate), count your blessings (= to be grateful for the good things you have)

2 approval/support

ADJ. full | official

VERB + BLESSING have | give sb/sth The government has given its official blessing to the project. | get, receive She received the full blessing of her employers.

PREP. with/without sb's ~ He went off to Latin America with his mother's blessing.

3 prayer

ADJ. traditional

VERB + BLESSING give, make, pronounce, say The blessing was said in Hebrew. | ask (for)

PREP. ~ on ask God's blessing on their pastoral work