bit noun

1 a bit small amount

ADJ. little, teensy (informal), wee He helped me a little bit in the afternoon.

PHRASES just a bit I'm still just a bit confused.

2 a bit: large amount

ADJ. fair, good It rained a fair bit during the night. We made a good bit of progress.

VERB + BIT take The new system will take quite a bit of getting used to (= it will take a long time to get used to).

PHRASES quite a bit It rained quite a bit during the night. | just a bit (ironic) ‘Has it been difficult for you at work?’ ‘Just a bit (= it has been very difficult).’

2 part/piece of sth

ADJ. little, small, tiny | big, large A big bit of stone had fallen off the wall. | good, nice The best bit of the holiday was seeing the Grand Canyon. I've got us a nice bit of fish for dinner. | boring I read it, but I missed out the boring bits. | odd He managed to get odd bits of work, but no regular job.

VERB + BIT pick out, pick up Listen to the interview again and pick out the bits you want to use in the article. She tore the letter up and threw it on the floor. Marion stooped to pick up the bits. I picked up a bit of information that might interest you.

BIT + VERB fall off I'm worried because bits keep falling off my car.

PREP. ~ of

PHRASES bits and bobs/pieces (= small items of various kinds) My mother has some bits and pieces to give you. | blow/pull/smash sth to bits All the crockery had been smashed to bits. | do your bit (= do your share of a task) We can finish this job on time if everyone does their bit. | fall to bits My briefcase eventually fell to bits.