bird noun

ADJ. wild | exotic, rare | game | predatory | migratory | land, sea (also seabird), tropical, wading, woodland Seabirds flocked above our heads.

QUANT. flock

BIRD + VERB flit, fly, glide, soar, swoop (down) We watched a bird of prey swoop down on a mouse. | flap its wings | flock | migrate The birds migrate in September. | chirp, sing, twitter, warble | peck birds pecking at the corn | build a nest, nest birds nesting on the roof of the church | breed, lay eggs | moult

BIRD + NOUN call | sanctuary | life an area with a very varied bird life | watcher, watching

PHRASES a bird of passage (= a migratory bird), a bird of prey (= a predatory bird), a breed/species/type of bird