beer noun

ADJ. excellent, good, great, quality | strong | alcohol-free, light, low-alcohol, no-alcohol | cold, ice-cold | warm | foaming a glass of foaming ice-cold beer | black, blonde, dark | bottled, cask, draught, keg | flat (= that the gas has gone out of) | stale The pub smelled of stale beer. | home-brewed | designer The shop specializes in designer beers.

QUANT. litre, pint I ordered half a pint of beer with my sandwich. | barrel, bottle, can, glass, keg, tankard | crate

VERB + BEER drink Do you drink beer? | have Will you have a beer? | down He downed his beer in one go. | gulp (at), sip (at), swig, take a gulp/sip/swig of | draw, pour (sb) This beer should be drawn slowly. He poured us all a beer. | order I saw him at the bar ordering a beer. | go for I'm going for a beer with Carl tonight. | brew | chill

BEER + VERB chill Put the beer in the fridge to chill. | foam | go flat | flow (figurative) The beer flowed freely after the match. | slop He slammed his glass down and the beer slopped over the sides.

BEER + NOUN drinker, lover | maker | barrel, bottle, can, crate, glass, keg, mug, tankard | mat | festival | consumption, production, sales | cellar, garden The pub has a beer garden round the back. | belly He's only twenty but he's already got a beer belly (= a fat stomach from drinking too much beer). | money Playing non-league football keeps him in beer money (= earns him enough money to buy beer, but he has to do another job to earn a living).