beautiful adj.

VERBS be, feel, look, seem | become, grow | make sb/sth We did all we could to make the room beautiful. | find sb/sth He found her exquisitely beautiful.

ADV. exceptionally, extraordinarily, extremely, outstandingly, really, remarkably, supremely, truly, very | absolutely, perfectly, quite, utterly | just, simply (informal) ‘They're just beautiful,’ breathed Jo, when she saw the earrings. | almost I remember her as pretty, almost beautiful. | rather | astonishingly, breathtakingly, dazzlingly, incredibly, staggeringly, startlingly, strikingly, stunningly, unbelievably, wonderfully | uniquely | exquisitely | serenely | classically Her features were classically beautiful, with perfectly structured high cheekbones. | coldly The designs were pure, austere and coldly beautiful. | achingly, eerily, hauntingly, painfully a hauntingly beautiful melody