beat verb

1 in a game

ADV. comfortably, comprehensively, convincingly, easily, hands down, soundly He beat her hands down. | narrowly He was narrowly beaten by his opponent.

PREP. at She beat him at chess. | by beating her by just three points

PHRASES beat sb into second, third, etc. place He was beaten into second place by the American.

2 hit sb

ADV. badly, brutally, savagely, severely, violently

PREP. with She was beaten with a metal bar.

PHRASES beat sb about/over the head He had been beaten about the head with a rock. | beat sb to death, beat sb unconscious

4 of heart/wings

ADV. fast, frantically, painfully, rapidly, wildly I could feel my heart beating wildly.

5 mix

ADV. thoroughly, well Beat the mixture well, until it is light and creamy. | lightly Add three eggs, lightly beaten. PHRASAL VERBS beat down

ADV. mercilessly, relentlessly

PREP. on/upon The African sun beat relentlessly down on his aching head.