beard noun

ADJ. bristling, bushy, full, shaggy | neat, neatly-clipped | patchy, straggly, wispy | goatee | pointed | ginger/gingery, greying, reddish, white, etc. | fake, false

VERB + BEARD grow | have, sport, wear He sported a neat goatee beard. | clip, cut, trim | shave (off) | pull (at), stroke, tug (at) Jim stroked his beard reflectively.

BEARD + VERB grow My beard's grown a lot. | be streaked with sth His beard is streaked with grey.

BEARD + NOUN growth, stubble He had two days' beard growth across his jowls and chin.

PREP. with a/the ~ She's scared of men with beards.

PHRASES a three-day/seven-day, etc. growth of beard, a three-day-old, etc. beard