basket noun

1 container

ADJ. cane, straw, wicker/wickerwork, wire, woven | laundry, sewing | bread, food, fruit, shopping | waste/waste-paper | cat, dog | bicycle She was cycling along with her bicycle basket full of shopping. | picnic | flower, hanging hanging baskets full of summer flowers

VERB + BASKET make, weave | fill, load (sth into), pack (sth into), put sth in | take sth from/out of, unpack | carry, heave, pick up She heaved the huge basket onto the table. | swing | put down, set down

BASKET + VERB be filled with sth, be full of sth, contain sth a basket filled with delicious fruit

PHRASES in/into a/the ~ The cat lay curled in its basket. | ~ of a basket of flowers/fruit

2 in basketball

VERB + BASKET shoot | make, score, sink