bank noun

1 for money

ADJ. big, large, major | small | central, clearing, commercial, investment, issuing, reserve, savings The central bank has put up interest rates. The bond will be priced by the issuing bank. She has her money in one of the largest savings banks. | private | foreign, international, overseas

VERB + BANK go to | borrow (sth) from

BANK + VERB lend sb sth The bank lent her money to buy a car. | underwrite sth A group of ten international banks is to underwrite and sell the bonds. | collapse, crash Investors lost millions when the bank crashed.

BANK + NOUN account, balance, charges, deposit, loan, statement | manager | robber

PREP. from a/the ~ He got a large loan from the bank. | in a/the ~ I'll put half the money in the bank and spend the rest. | out of a/the ~ I need to get some money out of the bank.

2 by a river/canal

ADJ. far, opposite, other We could see them waving on the opposite bank. | canal, river

VERB + BANK burst, overflow The River Frome had burst its banks after torrential rain.

PREP. along a/the ~ We strolled along the river bank. | on a/the ~ a picnic on the banks of the Thames

3 area of sloping ground

ADJ. steep | grassy

PREP. down a/the ~ The children rolled down the grassy bank. | up a/the ~

4 mass of cloud, etc./row of machines, etc.

ADJ. huge, vast a huge bank of switches and buttons

PREP. ~ of a vast bank of cloud