band noun

1 group of musicians

ADJ. big | brass, string, wind | blues, dance, jazz, rock | marching, military, regimental | school | live the excitement of seeing a live band | one-man (often figurative) He runs the business as a one-man band (= does everything himself).

VERB + BAND form | join, play in, sing in She plays in a rock band. | conduct, lead

BAND + VERB perform, play | strike up We heard a band strike up in the park.

BAND + NOUN leader, member

PREP. in a/the ~ a singer in a rock band | with a/the ~ a drummer with a jazz band

PHRASES a member of the band

2 group of people

ADJ. select, small He is one of a select band of top class players. | dwindling | growing

VERB + BAND join

PREP. ~ of a band of rebels

3 range

ADJ. age, price, tax the 25?35 age band

VERB + BAND be in, fall into Which tax band do you fall into?