back verb

1 move backwards

ADV. hastily, hurriedly She backed away hurriedly. | away, in, off, up If you can't drive in forwards, try backing it in. Back off! There's no need to yell at me. Can you back your car up so that I can get through?

VERB + BACK try to He tried to back away.

PREP. across She backed across the room. | away from The children backed away from him in fear. | into She backed into the garage. | out of He backed out of the drive.

2 support sb/sth

ADV. firmly, strongly Teachers are strongly backing the new educational policies. | fully | overwhelmingly | unanimously | openly, publicly | financially his election bid was financially backed by a soft drinks company. | up I'll back you up if they don't believe you. PHRASAL VERBS back down

VERB + BACK refuse to | be forced to, be obliged to

PREP. from The government was forced to back down from implementing these proposals. | on She refused to back down on a point of principle. | over The committee finally backed down over the issue of spending cuts.